Beauty Tips

_HDI3271_fbTanning Tips

For best results it is recommended:

  • you exfoliate before getting a spray tan.
  • any hair removal should be done at least 24 hours prior to your tan, be it shaving or waxing.
  • no deodorant, moisturiser or make up to be worn prior to your appointment
  • you wear loose dark fitting clothes to your appointment for after tanning as anything to tight may effect the end results of your tan process.

Whilst having your tan the choice is yours in how we can do it. If you are not comfortable showing too much skin there is the option for you to wear your full bikini. If you’re happy to brave the elements you can wear a g-string… either bring your own or we can supply a disposable g-strings. We also have disposable hats available to protect your hair.

_HDI3263_fbAfter Tan Tips

After care for your tan is simple…

  • after process time of 8 hours it will be time to wash off.
  • for the 1st shower you will see a lot of brown in the water,this is just the bronzer washing off so try not to rub your skin to much just let the water run over your body and use no soap for 1st shower.
  • after every shower it is important to MOISTURISE…to keep your skin moist and by doing this it helps to make your tan last longer and come off evenly….

Eye Treatments

Why do we tint eyelashes and brows?

  • it darkens very blonde and fine hairs to add more depth
  • maybe more suitable for clients that wear contact lenses
  • maybe more suitable for clients allergic to mascara